Welcome to 2021!

Dear Readers,
Happy New Year to you all. I certainly hope this year is a lot easier on us than the last one. But I think many people have learned valuable lessons from going through the trials and tribulations of a pandemic. I like to think we are becoming more community focussed, less obsessed with ourselves and looking outward more to those who need our help.
Reading is a great escape during difficult times. I’m a voracious reader under normal circumstances, but I have to say, this year, I have read more books than any other year. Inspiring memoirs, romance, social commentary and feminist literature have dominated. And then there’s been the amazing wealth of entertainment on streaming services. I am so inspired by the stories I’ve watched on film.
I hope you find my stories uplifting and inspiring and entertaining too. And I hope they provide you with a small window of escape while we navigate our way through the rest of the pandemic.
Happy reading!
Melanie xx

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