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  • May news

    Dear Readers,Can you believe we are almost halfway through the year? We are having a lovely autumn in Tasmania with mild weather and the many colours of the turning leaves are so vivid.I have finished my work in progress, which I thought was my 90th but apparently it’s my 91st. I never was much good …[ read more ]

  • April News

    Dear Readers, I am now in the last stages of finishing my 90th book. Yay! It is so exciting to see the numbers climb up. Turning 100 will be wonderful, I’m sure. Let’s hope so, anyway! It’s autumn in Tasmania and I always enjoy the cooler weather. The colourful leaves are so beautiful just now. …[ read more ]

  • March News

    Hello lovely readers,I am excited to be almost halfway through writing my 90th book. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed being able to bring stories to my faithful readers over the years. The storytelling process is a magical one at times. At others, it is just gruelling and I ask myself why I’m …[ read more ]

  • One Hot New Release!

    Dear Readers,I am so excited that the third book in my Wanted: A Billionaire trilogy is out in March- One Hot New York Night. I so enjoyed writing all three books but this one especially. The start of the year has been productive so far for me. I have finished book number 89 and will …[ read more ]

  • Welcome to 2021!

    Dear Readers,Happy New Year to you all. I certainly hope this year is a lot easier on us than the last one. But I think many people have learned valuable lessons from going through the trials and tribulations of a pandemic. I like to think we are becoming more community focussed, less obsessed with ourselves …[ read more ]