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  • August news

    Dear Readers,I have been so busy juggling writing with my hectic life that I haven’t posted news for last month. I’m finding this year is racing away from me. I am finally back in the chair writing again after some minor but disruptive renovations were carried out. One of the most disruptive was repainting my …[ read more ]

  • June news

    Dear Readers,Half the year gone already?! The last of the autumn leaves have fallen and winter is here in Tasmania. We’ve already had a couple of dustings of snow on Mount Wellington. This is usually my best writing time, as the colder days drive me indoors to my computer. I am about to start book …[ read more ]

  • May News

    Dear Readers,I can’t believe it is already May. I think we will be Christmas shopping before we know it! I am writing the last third of the third book in my wedding-themed trilogy. Finding block time to write has been my biggest challenge whilst writing this book. I guess life is like that for a …[ read more ]

  • April news

    Dear Reader,I am pleased to say I am working hard on the third book of my Weddings Worth Billions Trilogy. Many writers will tell you how now and again a book will just about break you. Well, this one has certainly caused me some angst! I think it’s because my hero has such a sad …[ read more ]

  • March news

    Dear Readers,I have finally started book three of my Weddings Worth Billions trilogy. I had a lot of interruptions during February, which made it hard to sit down with my characters and really get to know them. But now, I am pleased to say, things are on back on track. Mostly! My heart goes out …[ read more ]