News & Updates

  • Happy 2022

    Dear Readers,Well, here we are heading off in to another year- 2022. Last year was a tough one for so many people and I hope this one is a lot kinder on us all. I will be starting Book Three of my wedding-themed trilogy in a couple of weeks but first, I am enjoying some …[ read more ]

  • December News

    Dear Readers,Is it just me or do you think this year has gone past quickly? It is December already! I am happy to say I am just about finished the Christmas shopping. There are a number of family birthdays sprinkled in the mix, which adds to the pressure. I love Christmas, though, it is such …[ read more ]

  • October news

    Dear Reader,I wish I could tell you that I am halfway through book two of my wedding-themed trilogy but alas, no such luck. But I aim to start this week. Life sometimes gets in the way of the most carefully laid plans. But being flexible is a trait that comes in rather handy for a …[ read more ]

  • September news

    Dear Readers,I finally finished the first book of my new wedding-themed trilogy. I am now waiting for revision suggestions and enjoying a break, while I think about my next two books. Spring is here in Hobart and with it lots of wind and rain. But every now and again we get a brilliant day of …[ read more ]

  • August news

    Dear Readers,I am finally back working on the first book of my new trilogy. The kitchen renovations are complete, so I now have the house to myself again. I wish I was like some of my writing colleagues who can work in coffee shops. But I find the noise too distracting, so too the conversations! …[ read more ]