Polly is here!

Hi everyone,

I am totally besotted with our new baby. We picked her up last Friday and she is gorgeous. At seven weeks old it is all fun and games of course but I am so thrilled with her. She has a very outgoing personality and has already got our other dog Pippi under control. Polly hides under the sofa and teases her with little puppy barks and growls. It is so cute.

I am housebound after my foot surgery so it is a perfect time to baby sit but I am afraid I’m not writing much as I keep getting distracted by little black button eyes twinkling at me. It’s the countdown to Christmas so I figure it will be fine to take a few days off although I am really excited about the medical continuity I am working on. I am busily reading up on Forensics and chatting with my police officer friend who helps me with research.

Take care and I will post again soon,
Melanie x

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