February News

Dear Readers,
I am thrilled to tell you I have finished Book Number 85- The Virgin’s One-Night Terms- Book One of the Wanted: A Billionaire Trilogy. And after a short trip abroad, I’ll dive in to Book Two. I learn something every time I write another book: how to better deal with the negative voices inside my head that tell me I can’t do this, how to push through the tough patches, how to trust my instincts on a character. The list in almost endless. You would think after 85 books it would get a little easier! It doesn’t. But the effort is always worthwhile- or at least I hope my readers think so!

February is a great month because of St Valentine’s Day- one of many a romance author’s favourite days! It certainly is for me. Who doesn’t love roses and chocolates and a romantic card from your special loved one?

Best wishes,
Melanie xx

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