Family weekend

Hi everyone,
We are having a lovely family weekend as it is my husband’s birthday on Monday and my oldest son’s on Wednesday. Paul and his wife Dunya came down for the weekend as a surprise so it was lovely to see my husband’s face when they walked in the door on Friday night. Actually, the dogs were just as if not more excited!
My first Spanish hero is soooo delicious! I am really enjoying writing this book. It’s one of those that I just know will write itself. The reason that happens I have found is because the characters are so real inside my head that I know everything about them. It was funny as I have been reading Robert McKee’s book on Story and he mentions exactly that concept. I hadn’t realised it was the knowledge of the characters so much as just the story line being a particularly solid one. Perhaps it’s a bit of both.
Hope you have a brilliant week.

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