February Milestone

Hello everyone,

I have just typed THE END on my seventieth novel so I’m feeling pretty chuffed. Well, I will be once it’s revised and edited! It will be a few months before that book will be on the shelves so I will hold off celebrations of that milestone for then. I will be holding contests via Facebook so keep an eye out!

February is such a short month and all the faster here in Tasmania as once it’s over so too is the gorgeous summer weather. We’ve had a gloriously warm summer this year which is both good and bad. Great for beach lovers, not so good for farmers who need rain.

I am about to start a new duet, but meanwhile I hope you enjoy the next book in the Ravendales’ Series- Engaged To Her Ravensdale Enemy and The Most Scandalous Ravensdale out in April and May respectively.

Best wishes,

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