News & Updates

  • September news!

    Dear Reader, I am so excited about being a guest panellist at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival this month. It is wonderful to have Romance authors included in major writing festivals at last. Our work is often disregarded, derided or spoken of using ridiculous stereotypes and continues to be considered not serious fiction. In fact, if …[ read more ]

  • August news.

    This is an exciting month. I have just finished my 83rd book and I am about to start number 84. Also, the Romance Writers of Australia national conference is this month, so really looking forward to that. And next month, I will be speaking on two panels at the Melbourne Writers Festival. So thrilled to …[ read more ]

  • July news

    Dear Readers, I have just typed The End on my 83rd novel, so this week I am between projects. I should clean out cupboards and tidy my office, but I usually leave that for when I’m struggling with a section in my work in progress. Ha ha. I have even been known to launch into …[ read more ]

  • June News

    Dear Readers, Half the year gone? Yikes! Is it just me or is time speeding up? Or maybe it’s because writing is such a time consuming activity and whole days and weeks go past without me realising. It truly is a wonderful feeling to be in creative flow. It’s where you can completely lose track …[ read more ]

  • 80th Book Out Now!

    Dear Readers, I am excited to announce that this month my 80th title is on the shelves- Penniless Virgin to Sicilian’s Bride. It truly doesn’t feel that long ago that I was celebrating my 50th release. Writing is a journey that is not just about the characters but the writer themselves. I have learned a …[ read more ]