Surgeon Prince, Ordinary Wife


Series: The Royal House of Niroli

Available: 08/01/2007

ISBN-10: 0373126514

ISBN-13: 978-0373126514


The ailing king discovers the grandson he thought was dead is still very much alive!

Alessandro Fierezza, snatched as a baby by Vialli bandits, is believed dead. But when brilliant surgeon Alex Hunter arrives to help the kind, rumors abound he is the missing prince!

Nurse Amelia Vialli has lived with the stigma of being a Vialli bandit. She falls under Alex’s spell.

When Alex discovers the truth, he’s torn between duty and a woman who can never be his queen….

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Surgeon Prince, Ordinary Wife left me astounded and I loved every minute of it.”


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Surgeon Prince, Ordinary Wife is part of the The Royal House of Niroli series.