You can buy my books right here!

Hi everyone,
I have great news. You can now buy some of my books right from my website. So for those of you who have missed titles or can’t wait for your country’s release go right ahead and buy on line.
I am having a good recovery so far from my back surgery. I am sitting for longer and longer and feel really positive about the original problem being fixed. So nice to be without excruciating pain.
It’s wet and wild just now and my little dogs are looking at me wondering why we aren’t going for our usual walk. The weather people are predicting a warmer than usual spring. Ha Ha, will believe it when I see it. I must say all your poor UK readers are having a very wet summer. I saw some news clips and really feel for you. I remember when we lived in the UK how much we looked forward to summer and then we blinked and it was gone! It’s good reading weather though, right?
All the best,

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