Writing again!

Hi everyone,
I am back in the chair and writing which is so cool. I still have to take it slowly, no long sits just yet but it’s a lot easier than it was.
Thanks for all the best wishes via email. I guess back pain is a thing we all experience at one time or another so there is a lot of empathy out there. I am certainly much more aware now of what people go through with chronic conditions.
We are having one of the wettest winters on record. It has been raining almost non-stop over the weekend. I love it, especially when I am reading or working but the ground is really soggy now and I wonder how much more it can take. Mind you, a lot of Australia is still suffering from drought so I don’t like to complain. And even some parts of Tasmania still need more rain. If only it fell more equitably!
I am posting on iheartpresents early this week so pop by and leave a comment.
Happy 18th birthday to a lovely fan called Louise from Cheshire in the UK.
Have a great week.
Melanie x

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