Winter weather coming

Hi everyone,
A friend of mine has just spent five days walking in the Tasmanian Tarkine Wilderness. It is the most pristine place and I would dearly love to visit. It is under a cloud of controversy at the moment as there are plans to put an access road in which will mean the beautiful and untouched area could be compromised. I am hoping it won’t go ahead but it is hard to stop these things sometimes. Progress is not always progressive is it?
On a lighter note I have had a brilliant week of writing. The words have been pouring out of my fingertips and I have loved every minute. Sometimes the craft of writing can be arduous and some of the enjoyment can be leached out when you are under deadline pressure or indeed life pressures. It’s been a real treat to have a few days when this has not been the case. Long may it continue!
I hope you have a lovely week. No one has commented lately so please feel free. I hope it’s not because you’re having trouble getting through. I have been trying without success so far to comment on iheartpresents but the techie is working on it. I love to hear from you so type away!
All the best,
Melanie x

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