Snakes Alive!

Hi folks,
Well I have had a very exciting few days. Firstly I finished my medical continuity which was grea fun. There was a lot of work in it in terms of police procedure and getting it right so I am afraid I spent a lot of time with the police lately-for all the right reasons of course!
We have a terrifying scare up at the beach house on Friday. It was Australia Day and my husband and I and the two dogs were walking back up from the beach through our bushy path when two steps in front of me a large tiger snake was crossing the path. I am fine with snakes, I leave them alone and let them get away but when I’ve got a feisty fox terrier and a playful Poodle puppy running under my feet I can tell you my heart rate went soaring. Tiger snakes are particularly aggressive at this time of year as it is mating season and this one was certainly mad at us. He lunged at Pippi (the fox terrier) but missed and instead got ensnared in an old fish trap we have along the path along with all the buoys and beach combing treasures we’ve collected over the years. The snake got away just as my husband grabbed Pippi, I have to run after Polly who I had screamed at the get away and she got frightened and ran out of sight. I was terrified the snake would double back and get her. We now go down the path with a spade in hand and the dogs on leads. Once summer is over it won’t be so bad. Of course the saying is more snakes see you than you see them but it still worries me just how many there are spying on me!
I hope your week hasn’t been as stressful as mine, although I do feel for those in the snow right now. Snow is lovely but not if you have no power and it’s blocked you in for days on end.
With warm wishes,
Melanie x

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