Racing Through the Year!

Where does the time go? I keep thinking the years go past so quickly because I'm getting older but even much younger people tell me how fast the year flies by. Before I know it I will be thinking about Christmas. Next month I will make the pudding and the cake. I can't believe it's time for that again!

I have been working on a Presents Duo. The first book is called Deserving of His Diamonds. It is easily the most emotional book I have ever written. The second is as yet untitled and I am loving the characters. Two sworn enemies are thrown together in a marriage of convenience in order to inherit a fortune. I'll keep you posted on who them and their title.

Writing is very time consuming so I guess that's why the year seems to have flashed by. I love the process of playing with characters. It is so deeply satisfying to craft a novel from a kernel of a story idea to the finished product. I don't think I will ever get tired of that wonderful feeling of achievement. 

Happy reading!


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