News & Updates

  • I forgot to post!

    Hello everyone,I have been so busy relazing at our beach house I forgot what day it was. It is now Thursday, actually nearly Friday and I realised I hadn’t popped in to say hello. I have had a great week at the sea side, enjoying sunshine and waves and dolphins and yes- I hate to …[ read more ]

  • Snakes Alive!

    Hi folks,Well I have had a very exciting few days. Firstly I finished my medical continuity which was grea fun. There was a lot of work in it in terms of police procedure and getting it right so I am afraid I spent a lot of time with the police lately-for all the right reasons …[ read more ]

  • Writing up a storm

    Hi everyone,It’s been a busy week but I’m heading down the home straight with my continuity novel. It’s been a real challenge but lots of fun too. I managed to write 10,000 words during a hectic week of appointments and weird weather. We had a huge thunder storm yesterday with buckets of rain. We don’t …[ read more ]

  • Fantastic news!

    Hi everyone,I have some wonderful news- I received two 5 out of 5 reviews on Cataromance for my upcoming releases: In Her Boss’s Special Care (Medical) and Bedded and Wedded for Revenge( Presents). I am totally blown away and feel very humbled that my reviewer loved my books. I always try to write from the …[ read more ]

  • Happy New Year!

    Hi everyone,Firstly I want to wish you all a very happy and fulfilling 2007. It is going to be another big year for me, I have a lot of books to write and lots of places to visit so I’ll have to be super organised. I am really enjoying our little Polly. She has learned …[ read more ]