News & Updates

  • Shopping and stuff

    Hi folks,I am working extra hard for the next few days as on Thursday I am going to Sydney for the day to go shopping and also to look at my son’s newly renovated apartment. I would have stayed longer but our own renovations are still dragging on and with Polly so young I don’t …[ read more ]

  • Back home

    Hi folks,Well I’m back in my chair at home all set to work again after a few days off at Easter. We had fabulous weather for this time of year, lovely sunrises and sunsets and gorgeous clear night skies with the moon rising over the Hazards and shining like liquid silver over Great Oyster Bay. …[ read more ]

  • Happy Easter

    Hi everyone,Well it’s countdown to chocolate time again and I have been putting in some hard yards in the pool in preparation! I love chocolate but only the good stuff. I am a bit a of princess in that regard but there are worse things to be fussy about, right? I hope that whatever Easter …[ read more ]

  • A happy start to the week

    Hi everyone,I had an exciting time last week as the Japanese FINA swimming squad were training at my local aquatic centre which meant I had to swim in the dive pool most days. The head coach was on deck each morning as I went past and I practised my limited Japanese much to his delight. …[ read more ]

  • I hate renovating!

    Hi folks,I am tearing my hair out with frustration with these bathroom renovations. We’re into our second week and it will be at least another week or ten days I think before it’s anywhere near completed. On a good note I am reworking my current Modern/Presents. I finished it last week but wasn’t happy with …[ read more ]