News & Updates

  • A busy week

    Hi everyone,I missed posting on Monday as it was a long weekend here in Hobart and I got put out of my routine. I suddenly realised what day it was today and thought I’d better touch base. We are having our bathroom renovated at the moment so there are a lot of rather gorgeous men …[ read more ]

  • Good news!

    Hi everyone,I found out much to my surprise and delight that I won a Cataromance Reveiwers‘ Choice Award for the second half of 2006 for The Virgin’s Price. It was such a thrill as I had three nominations. I won one in the first half of 2005 so I am truly delighted.I hate to say …[ read more ]

  • Living in the moment

    Hi everyone,Well as you can imagine from my previous post this past week has been a tough one. My brother-in-law’s funeral was the most beautiful ceremony I have ever been to and there was as much laughter as there were tears due to his wonderful fun loving personality. For all of you who are dealing …[ read more ]

  • Mixed news

    Hi everyone,I have had a very mixed up week, lots of highs and a very low low. My brother-in-law died yesterday after a long battle with lung cancer. He was a wonderful person, one of the most significant people in my life as he was such an encourager. Life is hard at times and it …[ read more ]

  • Happy St Valentine’s Day

    Hi everyone,Well this is an important week in a romance writer’s life-St Valentine’s Day! Ihave several interviews as well as a book launch coming up so it’s full on. I hope you all get roses and chocolates or champagne or all three from someone you love but if you don’t remember there is always next …[ read more ]