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  • Home at last!
  • Off to Italy!

    Hi everyone,Well it is just a couple more sleeps and we are away. I am both excited and apprehensive as I love travelling overseas but I hate leaving my pets behind. Polly is so gorgeous just now, naughty but adorable. I was making up my bed with freshly washed and dried on the line sheets …[ read more ]

  • A busy week ahead

    Hello everyone,I have a busy week ahead as we leave in the middle of next week for Italy. I hope to be able to blog as I go but it depends on time and availability of internet cafes. I think I need a Blackberry or one of those new Samsung phones called a Blackjack. You …[ read more ]

  • Italy

    Hi everyone,I am getting excited about going to Italy in a couple of weeks and finding it hard to settle. It annoys me as I have so much to do before I go but I don’t feel like doing it. I have this way of coping however which I learned a long time ago-it is …[ read more ]

  • Back from the Conference

    Hi everyone,I had such a wonderful time at the Sydney conference. It was super fun catching up with everyone both published and unpublished. We had a great Venetian Carnavale theme for the cocktail party which was a lot of fun. I had a great time chatting to some unpublished authors on how to pith a …[ read more ]