News & Updates

  • Lounging around

    Hi folks,I had a fun weekend flying to Melbourne for the night on Friday just so we could road test a new lounge our interior decorator had found for us. As it turned out we chose another more comfortable one but it was nice to have a night away. We did some shopping and had …[ read more ]

  • Fun and games

    Hi everyone,What a week this has been! We’ve had several birthdays in the family so I’ve been madly wrapping presents or sending off cards and so on for those interstate. My older son came home with his girlfriend for his birthday which is two days after my husband’s so it’s been a busy weekend with …[ read more ]

  • Back in the water

    Hi everyone,I decided to get back into competitive swimming after a year or two concentrating on my writing career so on the weekend I did a 1500 breast stroke race where I was within a couple of seconds on my own State record. I wasn’t sure whether to be thrilled or disappointed. I was glad …[ read more ]

  • Lost emails and Mother’s Day

    Hi folks,Well we solved the mystery of the emails not getting through and I have replied to all the ones I could find in the system so if I have missed anyone I am sorry. I had hundreds to sort through as well as the usual Spam which was annoying. Anyway I am now contactable …[ read more ]

  • Technically speaking….

    Hi folks,I have a HUGE apology to make to anyone who has been trying to email me through my website. It is not working so please be patient as we try and work out what is blocking things. I was wondering why things were so quiet! Anyway, I hope things will be back on tract …[ read more ]