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  • Busy busy busy…

    Hi everyone,What is it about some weeks that makes them so busy? This one has only just started but before I know it, it will be Friday and I will be wondering where the time has gone. I am working on setting more realistic goals for myself. I have a tendency to bite off more …[ read more ]

  • The trophy!

    Hi everyone,As promised here is a photo of me with my trophy. It was entitled The Most Popular Category/Series Romance Novel for 2008 for The Marciano Love-Child. A great thrill and I still can’t quite believe it. Thanks to all the readers who responded to the online poll and of course for all the people …[ read more ]

  • Two posts in one!

    Hi everyone,I have been so busy with my son’s wedding and a conference the following weekend this is a double post to make up. St Valentine’s Day has got to be the most romantic day to get married. It certainly was a special day for Paul and Dunya. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? I was so …[ read more ]

  • My heart goes out…

    Hello to you all,No doubt many of you will have heard of the devastating fires in Victoria. I am shocked at the death toll, not to mention the number of injured and still missing. It is times like these when we should all stop complaining about our little issues and think of those so much …[ read more ]

  • Home again

    Hi romance friends,I am home again after a very hot week at our beach house. It is not often so hot which made it difficult to work rest or play. The dogs really felt it one day, at one point I put Pippi under the tap as she was too hot to go down to …[ read more ]