News & Updates

  • Writing again!

    Hi everyone,I am back in the chair and writing which is so cool. I still have to take it slowly, no long sits just yet but it’s a lot easier than it was.Thanks for all the best wishes via email. I guess back pain is a thing we all experience at one time or another …[ read more ]

  • You can buy my books right here!

    Hi everyone,I have great news. You can now buy some of my books right from my website. So for those of you who have missed titles or can’t wait for your country’s release go right ahead and buy on line. I am having a good recovery so far from my back surgery. I am sitting …[ read more ]

  • Recovering…slowly

    Hi everyone,I am a terrible patient I have decided. I am too impatient. I want to be able to do things way before my body is ready to do them. It is so frustrating but there you go. It is a lesson I have to learn.It’s hard if you are a go-getting sort of person …[ read more ]

  • Home again

    Hi everyone,Well I am back home after my back surgery. It all went very well and even though I am a bit sore( big understatement!) I don’t have the same pain in my back as before which is a good thing. I am really looking forward to getting back to full mobility which will take …[ read more ]

  • Countdown week

    Hi everyone,This is a big week for me as early next week I am having some back surgery. Ouch! Yes, I know it sounds horrible and it is in a way but I am hopeful it will get me back to full working order. I had a nasty fall a couple of years ago and …[ read more ]