News & Updates

  • Recovering…slowly

    Hi everyone,I am a terrible patient I have decided. I am too impatient. I want to be able to do things way before my body is ready to do them. It is so frustrating but there you go. It is a lesson I have to learn.It’s hard if you are a go-getting sort of person …[ read more ]

  • Home again

    Hi everyone,Well I am back home after my back surgery. It all went very well and even though I am a bit sore( big understatement!) I don’t have the same pain in my back as before which is a good thing. I am really looking forward to getting back to full mobility which will take …[ read more ]

  • Countdown week

    Hi everyone,This is a big week for me as early next week I am having some back surgery. Ouch! Yes, I know it sounds horrible and it is in a way but I am hopeful it will get me back to full working order. I had a nasty fall a couple of years ago and …[ read more ]

  • The mysterious disappearance of some pages

    Hi everyone,I am sorry I am blogging a bit later than usual,( or if you like a little earlier!) but the combination of technical difficulties and a health issue made this weeks one of those weeks one would rather dismiss from the memory! Anyway, here I am now so that is the main thing. Kate …[ read more ]

  • A brief trip away

    Hi everyone,I had a quick trip to Sydney on the weekend which was fun. Lots of shopping, catching up with family and a 30th birthday party. Now it’s back to work as next weekend I am away again for a Robert McKee seminar in Melbourne. It will be pretty full on so there won’t be …[ read more ]