News & Updates

  • Another wet week!

    Hi everyone,Well we are having even more rain. It is lashing down as I type this. I can’t believe how wet the garden is. This is the wettest winter we have had for many years. The good thing is it is mostly falling all over the state so the farmers can get their share. Mind …[ read more ]

  • Spring visitor

    Hi everyone,I had a visit from a new medical author the lovely Sharon Archer. We went for a walk through Hobart’s Botanical Gardens and this is a shot of us in the conservatory. There is always a lovely show of flowers no matter what the season. We were a bit early for the tulips as …[ read more ]

  • Sunshine at last

    Hi everyone,We’ve had so much rain in Tasmania this last week but today the sun is shining. I heard the evening nesting of the blackbirds late one afternoon last week and it was the first hint of spring. I have lots of daffodils out and the garden is coming to life with other blooms such …[ read more ]

  • Writing again!

    Hi everyone,I am back in the chair and writing which is so cool. I still have to take it slowly, no long sits just yet but it’s a lot easier than it was.Thanks for all the best wishes via email. I guess back pain is a thing we all experience at one time or another …[ read more ]

  • You can buy my books right here!

    Hi everyone,I have great news. You can now buy some of my books right from my website. So for those of you who have missed titles or can’t wait for your country’s release go right ahead and buy on line. I am having a good recovery so far from my back surgery. I am sitting …[ read more ]