News & Updates

  • Spring!

    Dear Readers,It is now spring in Tasmania and one of my favourite times of the year. The garden is blooming, the days are lengthening and everyone’s energy levels automatically seem to rise- or at least they do for me.I am about to start on a duet but I am currently resting after hand surgery. Who …[ read more ]

  • One month of winter to go!

    Dear Readers,We have one month left of winter in Tasmania and the start of August has brought a dusting of snow to Mount Wellington. Great writing weather for me, yay! I like nothing better than an icy day, so I can stay in my office and play with my characters.I am halfway through my work …[ read more ]

  • July news

    Dear Readers,I am happy to report that my upcoming Wanted: A Billionaire trilogy is now completely finished and in production. It was a lot of fun writing those three books and it made the lockdown period a lot more bearable. I am working on novel inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma, which is one of my …[ read more ]

  • Winter is here!

    Dear Readers,Well, here it is winter already. One would think that time would have slowed down a wee bit since we’ve been in lockdown but I’ve found it’s gone as quickly as ever. I’ve been busy finishing my trilogy and catching up on some reading and movies and TV shows. I’m about to start my …[ read more ]

  • Maybe in May…or maybe not!

    Dear Readers, Well, I think a lot of us thought we would be out of lockdown by the time we got to May, but many of us are still not able to move about the way we would like to. It’s been a huge sacrifice for many, not being able to see loved ones- especially …[ read more ]