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  • Sunshine on my shoulders

    Hi everyone,Today is the most beautiful crisp but clear spring day. I am so over rain! I want sun and warmth now that it is getting close to November. Yes, isn’t that scary? Christmas is around the corner. I have made my cake and I will be boiling the pudding today…well that’s the plan. It …[ read more ]

  • Home again!

    Hi everyone,Thanks for the best wishes from those who commented or emailed. I am home again and off the IV antibiotics which were a real pain. I have to take long term oral ones but I can live with that. I hated being tied to a bottle around my waist. It would mean no swimming …[ read more ]

  • Back in bed!

    Hi everyone,Well you know how everyone says things happen in threes? Well I am back in hospital with an ongoing infection in my foot. I think the universe is trying to teach me something. Patience is not something I have in big supply or at least when it comes to do with myself. I am …[ read more ]

  • A wet weekend but….

    Hi everyone,It was another wet weekend but my husband and I went to lunch at a vineyard in the Huon Valley called Home Hill. It is such a picturesque place and even though the showers kept coming it was a beautiful place to have lunch. Cows dotted the green hillsides and there were some alpacas …[ read more ]

  • Writing in another bed!

    Hi folks,I have just spent the last four days in hospital with an infection in my foot. It was such a pain but in a way it worked out well as I was waited on yes-hand and foot! I had three lovely meals a day and didn’t have to do a thing. I just lay …[ read more ]