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  • Going home

    Hi everyone, long time no hear. Sorry about that- so much going on as usual. I have spent three weeks in Brisbane with my son and daughter in law. I slipped down to Melbourne for a weekend to do a fantastic workshop with LA screenplay writer Paul Margolis. It was wonderful and so inspiring. He …[ read more ]

  • RWA Sydney

    Hi everyone, Here are some pictures from RWA in Sydney. It was a great time and lovely to catch up with friends and fans and other writers. I am going back home today after a little wander around the shops. I have a story idea I am working on so I need some thinking time. …[ read more ]

  • I am back

    Hi everyone,I haven’t been able to blog for ages due to some technical difficulties-again! It is so frustrating. I blogged and it ended up on someone else’s site. Very embarrassing.Things have been pretty crazy as usual. Lots of writing and reading and living life to the full.I have finished book number 40 and I am …[ read more ]

  • Another trip away

    Hi everyone,I am off again on a trip to Brisbane and then Sydney. We are going to see Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. I am really looking forward to it.We have our son and daughter-in-law living close by now and they are often over with their two dogs. It’s dog central around here! They get …[ read more ]

  • A great weekend

    Hi everyone,I have had the best weekend in Melbourne at a romantic comedy workshop run by Michael Hauge and Steve Kaplan from the US. It was so informative and meshed so well with the Robert McKee one I did last year on story. It was great to be in a learning mode again. I love …[ read more ]