News & Updates

  • Hollywood getting closer!

    Hi Everyone, We have just finished the revisions on our screenplay. It was read by John Truby, Hollywood's top screenplay doctor. It was surreal as I was reading his book The Anatomy of Story over this side of the world while on the other he was reading my work. Paul Margolis has been the best …[ read more ]

  • Polly’s new babies

    Hi everyone, For those of you who haven't seen my babies on Facebook have a look at them here. They are just so adorable. I am spending so much time just looking at them. Great news on the screenplay. It is being reviewed by Hollywood screenplay guru John Truby. I am really looking forward to …[ read more ]

  • She is pregnant!

    Hi everyone,Polly is definitely pregnant or otherwise very, very fat! It’s so exciting. I think she might have more than three this time. I will be run off my feet once they start becoming mobile. She is due 22nd of December so it will be a busy Christmas this year.I will post photos as soon …[ read more ]

  • Polly

    Hi everyone. I am very excited because I think Polly might be pregnant. It’s still too early to tell but she is very hungry and a little tired now and again. She is due just before Christmas this time so it will be lovely to have puppies underfoot again. I am working on my screenplay …[ read more ]

  • Exciting new project

    Hi everyone,I have some exciting news. I am co-writing a Romantic Comedy screenplay with Hollywood screenplay writer Paul Margolis. I attended his workshop in Melbourne in September and had the opportunity to pitch an idea to him. He offered to co-write it with me and we are having a ball doing it. It’s the greatest …[ read more ]