News & Updates

  • Welcome to my new look!

    Welcome to my new look website.  You can check out my latest release and read my reviews and don't forget to send me a message or make a comment while you're at it! For all my US readers May is the month for the first of the Sabbatini Brothers Trilogy. Book One is out in …[ read more ]

  • Working on a new project

    Hi everyone, My April update is a bit late! Life seems so busy just now trying to fit everything in. We've been doing some work at home, new fences and painting so lots of tradesmen around which I find very distracting. I am working on a continuity for the Harlequin Medical series. It will be …[ read more ]

  • March Madness

    Hi everyone, March has flown past and I am in catch up mode. I am having my website redesigned so keep posted for a refreshing change. My babies are now 13 weeks old and full of mischief. Three have been sold but I have two left and I am so attached to them that I …[ read more ]

  • Happy days.

    Hi everyone, March is going to be a busy month with lots going on in all areas of my life. I have two puppies left and I am in the toilet training phase. Oh Joy! Having little puppies around is so rewarding in spite of the odd puddle. I just love their happy little faces …[ read more ]

  • My gorgeous babies!

    Hi everyone, My babies are now six weeks old and so adorable. They are running about and growling and barking and chewing everything. It is totally exhausting looking after them all. It was a lot easier with just three last time. It's like five full on toddlers! Still waiting to hear from the producers in …[ read more ]