News & Updates

  • Winter is here!

    Dear Readers,Well, here it is winter already. One would think that time would have slowed down a wee bit since we’ve been in lockdown but I’ve found it’s gone as quickly as ever. I’ve been busy finishing my trilogy and catching up on some reading and movies and TV shows. I’m about to start my …[ read more ]

  • Maybe in May…or maybe not!

    Dear Readers, Well, I think a lot of us thought we would be out of lockdown by the time we got to May, but many of us are still not able to move about the way we would like to. It’s been a huge sacrifice for many, not being able to see loved ones- especially …[ read more ]

  • Hiding away in April

    Dear Readers, What scary times we live in now. So many people are doing it tough and my heart goes out to all of you in that category. I am so fortunate to enjoy time alone to write but I know solitude can be a form of torture for others. Please take care of yourselves, …[ read more ]

  • Take care everyone!

    Dear Reader, The world is in one of the biggest turmoils with the spread of COVID-19. It is my wish that everyone keeps as safe as they possibly can. And if you have to go into insolation, then read books! I often put myself in isolation to work on a novel. It is often the …[ read more ]

  • February News

    Dear Readers, I am thrilled to tell you I have finished Book Number 85- The Virgin’s One-Night Terms- Book One of the Wanted: A Billionaire Trilogy. And after a short trip abroad, I’ll dive in to Book Two. I learn something every time I write another book: how to better deal with the negative voices …[ read more ]