News & Updates

  • My gorgeous babies!

    Hi everyone, My babies are now six weeks old and so adorable. They are running about and growling and barking and chewing everything. It is totally exhausting looking after them all. It was a lot easier with just three last time. It's like five full on toddlers! Still waiting to hear from the producers in …[ read more ]

  • Hollywood getting closer!

    Hi Everyone, We have just finished the revisions on our screenplay. It was read by John Truby, Hollywood's top screenplay doctor. It was surreal as I was reading his book The Anatomy of Story over this side of the world while on the other he was reading my work. Paul Margolis has been the best …[ read more ]

  • Polly’s new babies

    Hi everyone, For those of you who haven't seen my babies on Facebook have a look at them here. They are just so adorable. I am spending so much time just looking at them. Great news on the screenplay. It is being reviewed by Hollywood screenplay guru John Truby. I am really looking forward to …[ read more ]

  • She is pregnant!

    Hi everyone,Polly is definitely pregnant or otherwise very, very fat! It’s so exciting. I think she might have more than three this time. I will be run off my feet once they start becoming mobile. She is due 22nd of December so it will be a busy Christmas this year.I will post photos as soon …[ read more ]

  • Polly

    Hi everyone. I am very excited because I think Polly might be pregnant. It’s still too early to tell but she is very hungry and a little tired now and again. She is due just before Christmas this time so it will be lovely to have puppies underfoot again. I am working on my screenplay …[ read more ]