News & Updates

  • RBY Nomination 2012 and writing ahead

    I am so thrilled to receive a RBY Australian Romance Writers of Australia Romantic Book of the Year nomination in the Short/Sexy category for my Presents novel The Wedding Charade. This novel is a particular favourite of mine and is book three of my Sabbatini Trilogy. It is just so exciting to be nominated for …[ read more ]

  • May and the Muse

    I love the approach of winter. I adore cold rainy days -they are perfect for locking myself away in my office with my muse.  Just lately my muse has been very good to me. I think it's the cooler weather, or maybe it's just the stage I'm at on my journey as a writer. I …[ read more ]

  • April Attitude

    What happened to the first three months of this year? Time certainly flies when you're having fun or not.  I am certainly having fun writing my 2012/2013 books. I have a goal set to write my 50th book this year.  I'm working on number 48 right now. I've had to juggle issues with my back …[ read more ]

  • Marching through March

    The year seems to be racing off as usual with lots of exciting things happening all over the place. The nicest thrill so far has been the news that I received a Cataromance Reviewers' Choice award for 2011 for my Medical romance entitled The Man with the Locked Away Heart. It is always lovely to …[ read more ]

  • Fabulous February

    I love this time of year in Tasmania. The last month of summer- it's still warm and the evenings are still long. The mornings have a beautiful light to them and the evenings are starting to feel a little cooler. I look forward to the onset of autumn as the leaves are so gorgeous as …[ read more ]