Living in the moment

Hi everyone,
Well as you can imagine from my previous post this past week has been a tough one. My brother-in-law’s funeral was the most beautiful ceremony I have ever been to and there was as much laughter as there were tears due to his wonderful fun loving personality. For all of you who are dealing with the loss of a loved one I really feel for you. I know everyone says it gets better over time but the early days are difficult.
On a lighter note I am working solidly on my new Modern/Presents as well as playing with Polly who is now three months old. She is at the groomer today having her second clip. She and Pippi are the best of friends and they have another new playmate Mango, my son’s girlfriend’s ginger cat. They are extremely entertaining when they all get together but of course the cat always seems to rule the roost in the end.
It’s a beautiful summer day here with hardly a cloud in the sky. Too nice to be inside working really but I love my current characters.
Have a good week,
Melanie x

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