I hate renovating!

Hi folks,
I am tearing my hair out with frustration with these bathroom renovations. We’re into our second week and it will be at least another week or ten days I think before it’s anywhere near completed. On a good note I am reworking my current Modern/Presents. I finished it last week but wasn’t happy with it so now I am going back to tighten things up. Revising is an important part of the writing process, nothing I have ever written has been perfect the first time around. Polly is as cute as ever, driving us crazy with her mischievous ways of course but no one is tough enough to growl at her. She just looks up at us all with black button eyes and we all melt. I was tougher on my kids!
Hope you have a great week, we are heading into Autumn/Fall but it’s quite a lovely day today so I think we’ll get a few more days on the deck chairs!

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