I feel fat!

Hi everyone,
I have eaten too much chocolate. Now I feel awful, especially as I have been out of the pool for over a week as my shoulder has been giving me trouble. Arrrgggh! I hate this feeling. I am usually so active and although I’ve walked for more than a hour a day I still feel blah. I am sure I am not the only one after four days of Easter. Come on, fess up. How many of you over-indulged? It’s like Christmas, isn’t it? Too tempting for words.
On a positive note I have been catching up on movies. I love curling up and really getting into the whole mood of a film. As a writer I see them very differently from what I used to. Now I am closely examining body language and dialogue, not to mention plot. It’s very inspiring. I feel like my batteries have had a bit of a charge.
I hope you have had a great time over Easter. For those of you still away, have a safe trip home.
Melanie x

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