Happy St Valentine’s Day

Hi everyone,
Well this is an important week in a romance writer’s life-St Valentine’s Day! Ihave several interviews as well as a book launch coming up so it’s full on. I hope you all get roses and chocolates or champagne or all three from someone you love but if you don’t remember there is always next year. I love anything romantic as you all know so any opportunity to celebrate the one I love is wonderful.
I have had a busy weekend in Sydney and the South Coast where my book signing and workshop and various interviews went well. A big thank you to Alison and the lovely ladies who attended the workshop. On our way back to Sydney we drove through the National Park and saw not one but two lyrebirds. They are extremely shy and it’s such a privilege to have seen them. It was pouring with rain and the lovely earthy fresh smell of the forest was fabulous after such a long drought. The leaves were dripping with rain and as they landed it sounded like a million thank you’s being whispered.
I hope you all have a happy St Valentine’s Day.
With warm wishes,

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