Happy New Year!

Hi everyone,
Firstly I want to wish you all a very happy and fulfilling 2007. It is going to be another big year for me, I have a lot of books to write and lots of places to visit so I’ll have to be super organised. I am really enjoying our little Polly. She has learned to sit and shake hands already! The toilet training is going well, not too many accidents now. I have been spending hours watching her play with our other dog, Pippi. They adore each other and there’s no jealousy at all. Pippi is so patient with Polly when she chews her ears and neck. My eldest son is home at the moment and Polly’s favourite place to sleep is in his open suitcase! It’s so cute.
I have a book on the Waldenbooks bestsellers list this week coming in at number four. That’s a huge thrill so thank you all my US fans for putting me there! I am finding it hard to work with all the family around now. I want to cook and nurture everyone but my characters need me too. Being a writer requires a lot of sacrifices that most people don’t realise. I feel guilty when I write and guilty when I don’t!
All the best for this very first week of January, may it be a happy and healthy one for you.
Much love,
Melanie x

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