Happy Easter

Hi everyone,
Well it’s countdown to chocolate time again and I have been putting in some hard yards in the pool in preparation! I love chocolate but only the good stuff. I am a bit a of princess in that regard but there are worse things to be fussy about, right? I hope that whatever Easter means to you that you will have a lovely time, either on holidays or relaxing and reflecting with family and friends.
I am writing a new medical but I will have to put it to one side in the next day or two as I am interviewing a Forensic pathologist tomorrow for a continuity novel I’ve been assigned. There is sooooo much police procedural detail that I am being meticulous in research to get it just right. We are off to the shack for a break which I am really looking forward to as the weather is quite settled, in spite of the tsunami scare! My sympathy goes to those in the Solomon Islands who are facing such a worrying time.
With warm wishes for a Happy and safe Easter,
Melanie xx

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