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Hi everyone,
I found out much to my surprise and delight that I won a Cataromance Reveiwers‘ Choice Award for the second half of 2006 for The Virgin’s Price. It was such a thrill as I had three nominations. I won one in the first half of 2005 so I am truly delighted.
I hate to say it but I think our summer is over. The weather has turned cold overnight and I have even switched on the heating. This is a bit unusual for Tasmania at this time of year as March can often be one of the hottest months. I love autumn and winter so it’s not so bad although I don’t like the dark mornings. I love being woken by the sun, it seems to be the right way to start the day.
Polly is delightful as you might expect a three month old puppy to be. She is almost house-trained, I am still finding the occasional puddle but thankfully nothing too serious. She is still teething so I am doing the whole small child routine of lifting things out of her reach. She particularly loves toilet rolls and because she can reach the holder there have been some rather spectacular trails of paper throughout the house! I am far too an indulgent mother which no doubt will create a rod for my own back but they are little for so short a time. I am enjoying every minute of it.
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