Going well

Hi folks,
I am always a little hesitant to say how well I am going with a current work in progress for sometimes it jinxes me! But here goes, I am going to risk it. I had a great week and weekend with my characters. I hope to finish this book by the end of the month as I have an absolutely brilliant idea for a new novel. Creativity is a funny thing-the more you write the more ideas you get. Apparently it’s all those brain connections firing up.
The weather is gorgeous right now, cool evenings and mornings but bright and calm during the day. We went for a drive on Saturday down the Channel ( following the Derwent River to Peppermint Bay) where we took the dogs for a walk and then had scones and jam and cream and a coffee. It was a lovely break and the dogs thought it was wonderful to have some new smells to explore.
I have worked hard in the pool this week so the overindulgence of chocolate is now sorted out. It’s funny how a little exercise makes one feel so much better. I am a bit of an exercise junkie, I have a lot of energy and feel really antsy if I don’t get out there and work off some of it. It is also my thinking time so I do a lot of sorting out of scenes in my head while I swim or walk the dogs.
Thanks for to all my US readers who have put me on the Waldenbooks bestseller list last week. What a lovely surprise!
Have a fabulous week,
Melanie x

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