Back from the Outback!

Hi there everyone,
Well I am back from my trip to Roma in Queensland where the weather was hot and dry each day. Like a great deal of other parts of Australia they are enduring a horrendous drought so it was quite heartbreaking to talk to cattle farmers who are using their life savings to feed their breeding stock. On a lighter note, it was a real thrill to be around such wonderfully friendly country folk who were excited to have an author in their midst. I was busily signing books at all the dinners I attended for my husband’s conference and at one point he was left sitting at a table all by himself as everyone had flocked over to where I had moved to talk to someone! I had a fabulous time doing research as well as some great writing time in the airconditioned motel suite. I had a couple of wonderful swims in the outdoor Olypmic pool-wait for it…..All By Myself!!!! What a thrill that was!
Hope everyone is well and reading up a storm inbetween preparing for the countdown to Christmas. I am definitely going to get started on my cake and pudding this week except my WIP is going so well I am a bit reluctant to leave it. I love my new hero and heroine so much!
Love and hugs

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