A happy start to the week

Hi everyone,
I had an exciting time last week as the Japanese FINA swimming squad were training at my local aquatic centre which meant I had to swim in the dive pool most days. The head coach was on deck each morning as I went past and I practised my limited Japanese much to his delight. He watched me swimming and spoke to me a couple of times on technique and then on the last day he left his squad and came over to my pool and spent some time analysing my stroke and told me I was a very good swimmer! It made me feel like a champion I can tell you! Anyway, it was just what I needed as I was on a bit of a plateau so it really helped renew my focus and drive. Autumn is here and the end of daylight saving which is always sad as I like the extra light in the evenings but then again I love being woken by the sun in the morning so I can’t have it both ways. The leaves are starting to turn and because we have a cool temperate climate there are a lot of European tress which are spectacular just now.
Well I’ve got a bit of work to do this week but I sold another Presents title last week coming out next year called Innocent Wife, Baby of Shame. I hope you like it when it finally comes out-it was heart-wrenching at times writing it!
All the best,
Melanie x

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