A busy week

Hi everyone,
I missed posting on Monday as it was a long weekend here in Hobart and I got put out of my routine. I suddenly realised what day it was today and thought I’d better touch base. We are having our bathroom renovated at the moment so there are a lot of rather gorgeous men wandering about with various bits and pieces and I can feel a novel idea coming on! What is it about tradesmen that is so attractive? They are very male, very strong and fit and capable so I guess that’s why.
My husband and younger son are off to the Melbourne Grand Prix this week. Steve is one of the medical team and Phil is of course an avid fan. I decided to stay home due to the bathroom update as Polly is too young to be left without vigilant supervision as she is quite mischievous and runs off with tools and bits of plaster. I have already had to clean up quite a little mess she brought up to my office!
Lots of warm wishes to you all,

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