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Awakening The Ravensdale Heiress

Available: December 15, 2015

Series: The Ravensdale Scandals

Page Count: 192

ISBN: 978-0373134038

The only man to tempt her… 

Miranda Ravensdale’s first experience of love ended in tragedy, so she vowed to bury her heart along with her memories. No man has ever broken through Miranda’s quiet facade…until billionaire Leandro Allegretti, her own personal kryptonite!

A childhood friend, Leandro has watched Miranda close herself off over the years. He knows what it’s like to have a shadow cast over your life, so he plans to tempt her back into the light. On the French Riviera, under the pretense of cataloguing his art collection, Leandro will coax Miranda’s dormant sensuality into life…kiss by seductive kiss…

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