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A Doctor Beyond Compare

Available: June 13, 2006

Series: Top-Notch Docs

Page Count: 288

ISBN: 978-0373065783

Small beachside town requires new GP.Start immediately. Falling in love with resident doctor…optional!

Recently single, recently qualified Dr. Holly Saxby has to leave the city ASAP. So, she packs up her designer clothes and heads to Baronga Bay. She’s not quite ready for beach life or the small-town grapevine, and she certainly isn’t expecting young, ruggedly handsome Dr. Cameron McCarrick to be her new partner.

The laid-back doctor is the treasure of the town, and in comparison Holly has to fight to measure up. But as Cameron acts as her mentor and protector, she realizes that this little town may have given her everything she was ever looking for—a home, a job and a husband beyond compare…

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