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  • Home again

    Hi romance friends,I am home again after a very hot week at our beach house. It is not often so hot which made it difficult to work rest or play. The dogs really felt it one day, at one point I put Pippi under the tap as she was too hot to go down to …[ read more ]

  • Another working holiday

    Hi everyone,I am off for another week at the shack to work and rest and play. It will be nice to run again along the beach, I even bought a brand new pair of shoes to celebrate. It is not long now until our son’s wedding. It seems like such a short time ago I …[ read more ]

  • A new week

    Hi everyone,Well I have had such a quiet weekend this weekend. I have read and relaxed and been quite lazy for me. I think there are times in our busy lives when we need to stop and recharge the batteries. This weekend was one of them.It has been a tough time with Pippi not well. …[ read more ]

  • Back home

    Hi everyone,Well I am back home, somewhat reluctantly as the weather is now just gorgeous. I had an extra afternoon and night at the beach house with a friend who needed a bed for the night. It was fabulous to have some girly time. I had to dash back to Hobart this morning to make …[ read more ]

  • A rest at the shack

    Hi everyone,Well we are celebrating ( just Steve and the dogs and I) a lovely few days at the beach house. It is lovely to be able to run with the dogs along the beach-yes I am back running and so too is Pippi, although a little slowly. She is recovering well and although she …[ read more ]