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  • Writing is hard work!

    Hi everyone,OK now I am going to let you into a secret-writing is damn hard work. While being a full time writer is a dream job there are so many things to juggle, as indeed there are with any other job. The trouble with writing(or any other creative pursuit) is the job doesn’t stop. I …[ read more ]

  • Come rain and thunder

    Hi everyone,Well there is nothing I like better than a wet weekend and boy did we get one in Hobart. It was quite timely too, not just because we need the rain but because I had a nasty throat virus. It gave me a perfect excuse to stay in bed and read for the whole …[ read more ]

  • Busy busy busy…

    Hi everyone,What is it about some weeks that makes them so busy? This one has only just started but before I know it, it will be Friday and I will be wondering where the time has gone. I am working on setting more realistic goals for myself. I have a tendency to bite off more …[ read more ]

  • The trophy!

    Hi everyone,As promised here is a photo of me with my trophy. It was entitled The Most Popular Category/Series Romance Novel for 2008 for The Marciano Love-Child. A great thrill and I still can’t quite believe it. Thanks to all the readers who responded to the online poll and of course for all the people …[ read more ]

  • Two posts in one!

    Hi everyone,I have been so busy with my son’s wedding and a conference the following weekend this is a double post to make up. St Valentine’s Day has got to be the most romantic day to get married. It certainly was a special day for Paul and Dunya. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? I was so …[ read more ]