News & Updates

  • Lots going on

    Hi everyone,Another busy week with so much going on. Rolling with the punches is a tactic I have had to learn. I am an organised and disciplined person. I like things done to order and I tick off the boxes in my head as I go. It really throws me out when things come in …[ read more ]

  • All gone

    Hi everyone,Well the day has finally come and my last little baby left. I was amazingly emotional. Actually, it’s not so amazing really as I am a bit of a sop in any case, but I did find it hard to say goodbye to that little button-eyed black ball of fluff. But now it is …[ read more ]

  • Last days

    Hi everyone,So what do you think? Haven’t they grown into cute little kids? Their faces are so much more distinct now they’ve had their first top and tail at the groomer’s. I am going to miss them but after a few sleepless nights just lately I think I might not miss them as much as …[ read more ]

  • The Nanny!

    Hi everyone,Well as you can see Pippi has turned out to be the perfect nanny for Polly. When Polly wants a break from the kids Pippi steps in. Thankfully Polly doesn’t fight her anymore now she knows the puppies are in good hands, or should I say paws?!! Pippi is so gentle with them. She …[ read more ]

  • So busy

    Hi everyone,I thought I was a busy person before but with three growing puppies in the house it is getting ridiculous! I am spending so much time cuddling them because I know it won’t be long before they are all grown up, just like children.I am busy too on the writing front. I am working …[ read more ]