News & Updates

  • October in the Melanie Milburne Writing cave…er, dungeon…

    Dear Reader, There are times in a writer’s life when things don’t go according to plan. A story idea blooms in my head like the first gloriously fragrant rose of spring, but a few writing days later it wilts and those velvet petals fall and create a mess on my desk. Part of the art …[ read more ]

  • Last Month of Winter!

    Hello everyone, I am pleased to say I have now submitted my 80th book. I spent a few days on the East Coast of Tasmania on a writing retreat by myself with my three dogs. Oh, and with a humpback whale who visited a couple of times. It was one of the most amazing experiences …[ read more ]

  • Writing Number 80!

    Dear Readers, I am about to achieve another milestone -Book number 80… that is if I finally get some decent work time in. We are renovating our back garden, so working with a few extra people around is rather distracting. Not to mention having to let the dogs out instead of them using the pet …[ read more ]

  • Great news!

    I am so thrilled to announce I am a finalist in the HOLT Medallion again. The book is A Ring For The Greek’s Baby. I always find it funny how the books that final are not always the one I would have expected to final. But of course I am delighted either way. It is …[ read more ]

  • What’s happening in May?

    Dear Reader, I am excited to be speaking at the Australian Romance Readers’ Association Awards dinner this month on my thoughts about romance writing and the current market in the light of #MeToo Movement. I’m currently between books enjoying the first break in my writing career, mostly because I am well ahead of my schedule. …[ read more ]