News & Updates

  • Wrapping Up the Year!

    Hi everyone, The year is racing to a close and I want to take this moment to thank all of you for making it the most exiting year of my career so far. The celebration of my 50th title was a highlight as well as nominations in the BBA and The R*BY. 2104 is looking …[ read more ]

  • It’s Caffarelli time!

    Welcome to my brand new website. I hope you enjoy the new layout and please feel free to sign up for my newsletter to keep you informed of upcoming releases and my current projects.  September through to November is Caffarelli time! I hope you enjoy reading about Rafe, Raoul and Remy as they meet their …[ read more ]

  • Amazing News!

    I’m so excited to be a finalist in the prestigious the Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America Booksellers Best Award for 2013 for Enemies at the Altar. This is the sister book to my twin duo Deserving of His Diamonds. When I first pitched Deserving of His Diamonds to my editor she said you must …[ read more ]

  • Exciting new Continuity!

    I am very pleased to be part of an exciting new Presents/Modern continuity called The Chatsfields. I am currently writing Book Two after completing a short story I've written for the Review of Australian Fiction.  I was reluctant at first to write a short story. I wondered if I'd be able to tell a story …[ read more ]

  • Do not disturb a writer in the story cave!

    I've had a scene in my head for months. I put it on the back burner ready to take out when it was time to write my next medical. I couldn't wait to start. It was the best scene, funny and just the sort of spring board to get the hero and heroine striking sparks …[ read more ]