1. The Italian’s Mistress
  2. The Australian’s Marriage Demand
  3. His Inconvenient Wife
  4. The Blackmail Pregnancy
  5. Her Protector in ER
  6. A Surgeon Worth Waiting For
  7. The Greek’s Bridal Bargain
  8. The Greek’s Convenient Wife
  9. A Doctor Beyond Compare
  10. Bought For the Marriage Bed
  11. In Her Boss’s Special Care
  12. The Secret Baby Bargain
  13. Surgeon Prince, Ordinary Wife
  14. Her Man of Honour
  15. Willingly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded
  16. Bought For Her Baby
  17. Innocent Wife, Baby Of Shame
  18. The Surgeon Boss’s Bride
  19. Single Dad Seeks a Wife
  20. The Marciano Love-Child
  21. The Virgin’s Price
  22. Bedded And Wedded For Revenge
  23. The Fiorenza Forced Marriage
  24. Androletti’s Mistress
  25. Bound by the Marcolini Diamonds
  26. The Marcolini Blackmail Marriage
  27. Top-Notch Doc, Outback Bride
  28. The Future King’s Love-Child
  29. The Venadicci Marriage Vengeance
  30. The Doctor’s Rebel Knight
  31. Back In Her Husband’s Bed
  32. Mistress at the Italian’s Command
  33. Emergency Doctor and Cinderella
  34. Masters of the Outback
  35. The Mélendez Forgotten Marriage
  36. Castellano’s Mistress of Revenge
  37. The Man With the Locked Away Heart
  38. The Unclaimed Baby
  39. One Last Night
  40. The Wedding Charade
  41. The Surgeon She Never Forgot
  42. In Bed With the Boss
  43. His Poor Little Rich Girl
  44. Lexi’s Secret
  45. Deserving of His Diamonds?
  46. Enemies at the Altar
  47. Dr. Chandler’s Sleeping Beauty
  48. Surrendering All But Her Heart
  49. Date with a Doctor
  50. Uncovering the Silveri Secret
  51. Their Most Forbidden Fling
  52. His Final Bargain
  53. Sheikh’s Baby Bombshell
  54. Never Say No to A Caffarelli
  55. Never Underestimate a Caffarelli
  56. Never Gamble With A Caffarelli
  57. Flirting With The Socialite Doc
  58. Engaged at the Chatsfield
  59. Playboy’s Lesson
  60. At No Man’s Command
  61. The Valquez Bride
  62. The Valquez Seduction
  63. A Date With Her Valentine Doc
  64. Italian Surgeon To The Stars
  65. Chatsfield’s Ultimate Acquisition
  66. Ravensdale’s Defiant Captive
  67. Awakening The Ravensdale Heiress
  68. Engaged To Her Ravensdale Enemy
  69. The Most Scandalous Ravensdale
  70. His Mistress for a Week
  71. Unwrapping His Convenient Fiancee
  72. The Temporary Mrs. Marchetti
  73. Wedding Night With Her Enemy
  74. A Ring For The Greek’s Baby
  75. The Tycoon’s Marriage Deal