The Greek’s Convenient Wife


Series: Greek Tycoons

Available: 09/01/2006

ISBN-10: 0373125682

ISBN-13: 978-0373125685


When her younger brother’s reckless exploits leave Maddison Jones at Demetrius Papasakis’s mercy, the last thing she expects from the ruthless billionaire is a proposal. But Demetrius knows Maddison has to agree to a marriage of convenience. It takes every ounce of Maddison’s acting ability to get through the wedding ceremony: she just can’t allow herself to feel anything but contempt for her new husband…

However, Demetrius is intent on claiming all that his temporary wife has to offer… and Maddison finds herself unable and unwilling to resist!

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The Greek’s Convenient Wife is part of the Greek Tycoons series.